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Repair oriented commercial refrigeration service for North Jersey towns, since 2003.,

Insured and bonded.

NJ master HVACR license # 1599.


Call me before you toss your ice maker.

If you’re told that your machine needs
“a new evaporator or ice plates” and you need to spend a few thousand dollars, you might wanna know that I take care of them permanently for the fraction of the replacement job.

I also remove electronic factory controls and their input parts, such as float valves and thermistors and install good-old-and-simple electric parts. I can control the most complicated self contained ice machine with simple, cheap and durable electric parts instead of the fragile factory electronics.

Your junk-yard-bound machine will start another life. I have customers who can confirm that.

For Commercial Coolers:

I make evaporator units by hand for commercial refrigerators. My evaporators will outlast all other major parts of the coolers they’re installed in. Should there ever be a leak in them they’re easily fixable. The tubing I shape have no welded sections. The bends are not thinned or creased like the factory evaporators.

Factory made evaporator bends. All creased, bound to leak in a few years.

Weldings on factory made evaporator. (Minimum of 120 welding points).

My coils below. No creasing no welding.


1994 – Started in the electrical field.

Since 2003 in commercial refrigeration service.
Wine cooler factory service.
Hoshizaki ice maker regional service rep.


Quality Restaurants, Hospitals & Medical Centers, Hotels/Motels, Florists, Bakeries, Ice Cream Shops, Schools & Universities, Catering Halls, Delicatessens, Pizza Parlors, Convenience Stores, Bagel & Coffee Shops, Liquor Stores, Pubs and Cafes, and more.


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